Other interests

While this site mostly contains information about my academic/professional activities, I have many interests outside of these. Some of them are here on this page.

I can’t think of many things more enjoyable and more rewarding than hanging with, playing with, and teaching my two young nephews. But, I like playing and watching sports, exercise and being outside. Some of my favourite things here include tennis, swimming, football (soccer), hiking, cycling, and basketball. I like to garden. I enjoy karaoke. I enjoy the beach. I like to travel and take photographs. I am partial to games of trivia. I’m interested in politics. I find neuroplasticity fascinating.

I like reading books. Here are some of the books I have enjoyed most in the past little while.
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I like listening to music. I like dancing to music too. Here are some of the albums I have enjoyed most in the past little while.
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I like to watch films. My friend and I are the founders of a special club dedicated to watching films, called the MAP club. Check out our blog here: http://themapclub.blogspot.com.au/